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Safety is OUR Concern

Auto Glass Safety is Not Optional!

  • Windshields Installation Procedures

    We use the best procedures developed by AGRSS, I-CAR, NGA & our own standards SMI meaning safety minded installations.

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  • Lifetime Nationwide Warranty

    Workmanship, products, and procedures that last a lifetime and saves lives. We are the true experts in auto glass.

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  • Insurance Approved

    We are Insurance approved by ALL insurance companies & we are the number 1 preffered choice by insureds for the highest quality auto glass work.

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  • Installs Safer than the Factory

    If your car is not a Land Rover or Mercedes more than likely the factory did not do a quality job installing the windshield.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Glass Installed Starting at $99

Approximately 1 to 3 hours after your windshield is installed you can drive it. Safe Drive Away times vary depending on the humidity, temperature, and glue used.

If your car is being financed then it will more than likely have the necessary coverage needed. You need comprehensive or a glass waiver to be covered( more than just liability coverage). You can look on your insurance card, sometimes it is written there if you have coverage. You can also look at your bill to see if it mentions comprehensive or a glass waiver. If you need help determining you can call us at 877-299-4527 or call your agent or insurance company , but watch out they will try to suggest a auto glass shop to you for their own benefit. You have the right to choose any auto glass shop you desire by law. We accept all insurance claims.

If you ever experienced a bad service or product in general, then you know you become skeptical the next time around. We are the same way, that's why not just any techs can join our shop and not just any shops can join our referral network. We do our best to provide relevant easy to do auto glass & windshield installation procedures to all interested in knowing them. Any shops that join our referral network must be able to answer a series of tricky multiple choice answers and score a 100, if they fail they can try again after learning but the point is that the shop owners acknowledge what is correct procedure and further understand the detriment of not following them or making sure their techs follow them.

Not at all. All you need is your insurance card and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll handle all the paperwork and phone calls needed to initiate or convert your claim to our shop with ease.

Most auto glass claims are not recorded as damage or loss claims on your policy

Yes, we can take any valid insurance claim. Some insurance companies may say that you will be liable for any costs over the amount the insurance company is willing to pay for the claim. We never charge you, the car owner, for insurance claims. Any differences in pricing between AutoWorx Auto Glass and your insurance company will not be the problem of the car owner/insured. Networks may say that they cannot provide a network warranty because we are not part of their network. We provide a lifetime nationwide warranty as well as SMI Safety Minded Installations, meaning our techs know how to install your auto glass to help keep you safe in an accident of worst degree scenario.99% of auto glass techs and 90% of car manufacturers do not bond the windshield properly! Make the Safest Choice AutoWorx Auto Glass.

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